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Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II


Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II Introduction The Last of Us Part II is a highly anticipated video game that has been in development for several years. In a recent video released…

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Is Social Media Making You Sick? – Believing Is Seeing


# Les dangers des médias sociaux sur notre santé mentale ## L'impact néfaste des médias sociaux Non seulement les médias sociaux peuvent nous rendre malades, mais je pense qu'ils nous rendent malades. Le Dr Bartholomew,…

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Making Lorde’s New Music – SOUTH PARK


# Making Lorde's New Music - SOUTH PARK ## A Father's Revelation In a recent episode of South Park, titled "Moss Piglets," Stan's father, Randy, reveals a shocking secret to his son. After being confronted…