Are men making 48% more than women? | Why women earn less in the gig economy


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# Are men making 48% more than women? | Why women earn less in the gig economy

## Study reveals wage gap in freelancing economy
In the new freelancing economy where people set their own rates, why are women still falling behind men? According to a recent study by Zen Business, which surveyed over 6000 freelancers, it was found that men, on average, charge 48% more per hour than women. The study looked at six common freelancing industries and highlighted the biggest wage gap in information technology and administrative services. In the IT sector, men charged an average of $100.30 per hour, while women were only charging $30 per hour, resulting in men charging over three times more than women for the same service.

## Discrepancies in creative industries
While some industries like data entry and virtual assistance showed similar wages for men and women, creative industries like freelance writing had almost identical wage rates. In fact, in some cases, women were making slightly more per hour than their male counterparts. This could be attributed to the higher representation of women in creative industries compared to STEM fields.

## Gender bias in negotiation processes
The study also delved into the reasons behind the wage gap, pointing towards societal conditioning and fear in women to negotiate assertively. Research shows that women who negotiate for better salaries are often perceived negatively, leading to a reluctance to ask for more. This gender bias in negotiation processes contributes to women being paid 30% less than men across all industries.

## Closing the gender pay gap
The study prompts a discussion on how to address and close the gender pay gap in the gig economy. It raises questions about societal conditioning, fear of negotiation, and collective responsibility to demand fair wages. Awareness of the issue is the first step towards fixing it, and initiatives to train clients to pay what freelancers are worth regardless of gender are crucial.

## Conclusion
In a world where freelancers set their own rates, it is essential for women to charge what they are worth and demand fair compensation for their work. By challenging societal norms, addressing gender bias in negotiation processes, and advocating for equal pay, we can work towards closing the gender pay gap in the gig economy. Let’s strive for equality and fairness in the freelance industry.


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