The Foot Fetish (And How it’s Not a Fetish)


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# The Foot Fetish (And How it’s Not a Fetish)

## Introduction
Working in the industry, and making these videos, I come across a lot of men who want to tell me what they are into- and they are always sure they are into the weirdest possible stuff, when usually it’s pretty… honestly… boring.

## The Ubiquitous Obsession
Men have made me swear never to tell anyone that they really like women’s legs, or redheads, or bangs. They’ve made me lean close so they could whisper that they liked boyshorts more than thongs. But by far the most common of these, that men are terribly ashamed of and secretive about, is feet, stockings, shoes, anything below the ankle.

## Not Just a Fetish
I’m here, with my own fully scientifically UNPROVEN opinion- that the foot fetish is not a fetish. Our obsession with feet is ubiquitous and cross cultural. It’s in every country, on every continent.

## Affinity for Feet
Most people have an affinity for something to do with feet. They like cute socks, or cute shoes. The sneaker industry did 70 BILLION dollars in 2020, most of them men’s. Men are fussy about socks and shoes too.

## Women and Shoes
Women have a lot more choice and they also do a lot of self expression through their shoes. Shoes play a large role in a lot of my novels, in telling the backstory about the characters.

## Socks and Stockings
Socks and stockings are a little less everyone’s cup of tea, but most people wear them, and most people are particular about the kind they and their partners wear. Every color, length, and fabric choice has connotations in our society.

## Conclusion
So stop feeling weird that you like feet. Other things that are so common they don’t count as fetishes, in my book, are collars, spanking, lingerie, hair color or length, and the usual role playing. Be weird. In fact, be weirder. At least if you are going for the feeling that there is something deeply wrong with you. Obviously keep it moral, keep it safe, sane and consensual, but otherwise, go really, really wild.

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