The Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film


The Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film


The Russian Sleep Experiment is a short film based on the creepy pasta story of the same name. It tells the story of a group of Russian researchers who conduct an experiment on five test subjects to test the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation.

The Experiment Begins

The experiment begins with the researchers keeping the subjects awake using a gas that prevents them from falling asleep. As the days pass, the subjects begin to show signs of extreme sleep deprivation, including paranoia and hallucinations.

The Subjects’ Descent into Madness

As the experiment continues, the subjects’ mental state deteriorates rapidly. They become increasingly violent and delusional, turning on each other in a fit of madness. The researchers watch in horror as the subjects’ behavior becomes more and more erratic.

The Gruesome Conclusion

In the end, only one subject survives the experiment. The researchers are left to wonder what they have unleashed upon the world as they come face to face with the horrifying consequences of their actions.


The Russian Sleep Experiment is a chilling tale of the dangers of pushing the limits of human endurance. It serves as a cautionary reminder of the consequences of tampering with forces beyond our control.


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