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# Panoramy Lublina: Odkrywanie Piękna Miasta z Wysokości

## Panorama z Wzgórza Czwartek

The Lublin Association of Tourist Guides « Pogranicze » will present you panoramas of Lublin from various viewpoints. At the moment we are on the Czwartek hill, the oldest settlement in Lublin. From this hill, you can see an interesting panorama of our city. Behind my back there is the castle hill, with its characteristic buildings, with a cylindrical tower called the Donjon and the green roof of the Holy Trinity Chapel.

## Panorama z Zamku

The Castle of Lublin, in its present shape, was built as a tsarist prison. At the bottom of the castle hill, there is a Castle Square with tenement houses surrounding it in the shape of an arch. A stone bridge leads from the Castle to the Old Town hill. On the Old Town hill, we can see the characteristic Kraków Gate with a bronze cupola and a clock. On the right of the Kraków Gate, you can see the New City Hall tower with a Lublin billy goat on the top.

## Panorama z Wieży Trynitarskiej

On the left, there is the highest observation deck in the city at over 40 meters, located on the Trinitarian Tower, the former gate in the city walls. Near the Trinitarian Tower, there is Lublin Cathedral with twin towers. Behind the Lublin Cathedral, there is the Dominican monastery with the red roofs and the characteristic white body of the Tyszkiewicz Family Chapel. The panorama of the city from here is different at any time of the year, so it is worth visiting this place more often.

## Panorama z Wieży Zamkowej

Lublin seen from above, delightful and surprising. This is where we see more, wider, because we are higher. It’s a deck with a beautiful panorama of our city. We are on the castle tower which is one of the two such viewpoints in Lublin. It is worth climbing a spiral, medieval staircase right here to the top to admire the distant Lublin districts: Tatary, Bronowice, Czechów, or Kalinowszczyzna, located on the Lublin hills. Speaking of hills, one of them is where we are right now, the castle hill. From this place, we can also observe other hills: Czwartek, Grodzisko, Old Town hill. Right in here we can experience the panorama, which consists of both objects and greenery.

## Panorama z Placu Jerzego Giedroycia

We are located on the Old Town hill, currently named Jerzy Giedroyć square, after the creator and editor of Parisian culture. He was a creator of the centre in Maisons-Laffitte near Paris, where the entire Polish emigration concentrated. It is no accident that this name was given to this square with a beautiful view to the east of the city because Giedroyć always emphasized the importance of relations with our neighbours: Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus. Perhaps because he was born in Minsk and his heart stayed there. The panorama shows the buildings of the former brewery and bakery, which belonged firstly to the Jensz and then to the Kijok family. Then we can see the church in the Bronowice district, which was called after our Lublin parish church, the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel.

## Panorama z Centrum Spotkania Kultur

We are on the roof of one of the most modern buildings in Lublin, the Center for the Meeting of Cultures. From the eastern side, you can see the open space of the 16th century Old Town and 19th-century centre and downtown. In the foreground, there is the Lublin Conference Center with the flag of Poland and the Lublin Voivodeship. If we go to the north side, we will see this extending green strip of trees is the 19th-century Saski Garden with the Medical University. And now let’s go to the west side. Here we can see the campus established in the 1960s and two most important universities in Lublin: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and the Catholic University of Lublin. Initially, a small theater was to be built here, but financial problems thwarted the plans. Only in 2015, according to the design of Bolesław Stelmach, this building was built. It is severe and frugal in architectural details. Concrete, brick, and glass determine the futuristic nature of this place. A place that connects the past and the future.

## Podsumowanie

It’s no secret that panoramas look better when you see them by yourself. That is why you need to come to Lublin and visit all these places in person. Lublin offers a unique perspective from various viewpoints, showcasing the rich history and architectural beauty of the city.


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