EDY – English vs French (Freestyle)


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# EDY – English vs French (Freestyle)

## Introduction
In a recent freestyle titled « English vs French, » EDY showcases his lyrical prowess and versatility in both languages. The artist delves into various themes, from personal success and ambition to societal commentary and cultural references.

## Ambition and Success
EDY opens the freestyle by emphasizing his personal ambition and determination to succeed. He references luxury brands like LV and Bentley, highlighting his desire for success and recognition. The artist proudly proclaims his Congolese heritage and his commitment to achieving his goals.

## Hustle and Resilience
Throughout the freestyle, EDY reflects on his journey and the challenges he has overcome. He speaks about late-night hustling and evading obstacles, showcasing his resilience and dedication to his craft. The artist also touches on his desire to make his family proud and his commitment to personal growth.

## Societal Commentary
In « English vs French, » EDY offers commentary on societal issues and cultural trends. He references social media platforms like Onlyfans and MYM, commenting on the influence of fashion and lifestyle on modern culture. The artist also touches on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of staying focused amid distractions.

## Versatility and Skill
EDY’s freestyle demonstrates his linguistic prowess and skill as a lyricist. The artist seamlessly switches between English and French, showcasing his versatility and command of both languages. His wordplay and clever rhymes highlight his unique style and creativity as a rapper.

## Conclusion
In conclusion, « English vs French » by EDY is a powerful freestyle that showcases the artist’s talent and depth as a lyricist. Through his introspective lyrics and engaging wordplay, EDY offers listeners a glimpse into his world and his perspective on success, ambition, and society. The freestyle serves as a testament to EDY’s artistry and his ability to connect with audiences through his music.


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