True Crime & The Unexplained | The Murder Of Toyah Cordingley


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True Crime & The Unexplained | The Murder Of Toyah Cordingley


The brutal murder of Toyah Cordingley shocked the small town of Cairns, Australia in October 2018. Toyah, a young woman known for her love of animals and the environment, went for a walk on the beach with her dog but never returned home. Her body was later found on the beach, sparking a massive investigation into her murder.

Suspect Arrested

UPDATE: Rajwinder Singh was arrested in Delhi, India. He was escorted by Queensland Police officers and arrived at Cairns Airport at 12.30pm on Thursday 2nd March 2023. He awaits Trial.


The investigation into Toyah’s murder was extensive, with police interviewing witnesses, collecting forensic evidence, and analyzing CCTV footage. The community banded together to support Toyah’s family and to demand justice for her senseless death.


Toyah’s murder had a profound impact on the Cairns community, with many feeling a sense of fear and sadness in the wake of such a horrific crime. The case also raised questions about safety on the beach and the importance of ensuring that such tragedies do not happen again.


As the case continues to unfold, the memory of Toyah Cordingley lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. The hope for justice for Toyah remains strong, as the community awaits the trial of the suspect in her murder. May Toyah rest in peace.


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