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# Article: Live Q&A with Financial Expert

## Introduction
Hey, guys. Can you hear me? Let me– this is, like– I can’t tell if you guys can hear me. This is, like, the wildest lighting. Hold on. Let me see if I can– I’m under a police interrogation light. That’s somewhat better. [PRETEND CRYING] This is not good. Hi, guys. I’m trying to, like, do a light that’s not– OK, it’s not the best light, but we’re just going to make do because, yeah, this is live. It’s supposed to be relatable. Thanks, Marie. Thanks, everyone.

## YouTube Class Promotion
I am doing this live to answer any questions that you might have, but also to promote my four-week YouTube class. The first class is on January 25, which is actually the day before my birthday. Anyone in this live can use the link that I’ve pinned in the comments in the chat to get $75 off the class. It’s a deep dive class for those looking to either do YouTube as a business or incorporate it into their existing business strategy.

## Question & Answer Session
– Nearly a million YouTube subscribers. It’s been a long time coming.
– Recommendations for best credit cards for travel.
– Importance of not changing investment strategy based on market fluctuations.
– Preferred way of cooking steak.
– Update on the second season of the podcast « Too Good to Be True. »
– Thoughts on the potential recession and 401(k) contributions.
– Recommendations for good linen sheets on Amazon.
– Thoughts on Intuit as a company and their products.
– Opinion on crypto as an investment.
– Experience meeting Kelly Cutrone.
– Advice for planning financial future when spouse is against combining finances.

## Conclusion
Just a periodic reminder to join the four-week YouTube class for a discounted rate using the pinned link. Society members get exclusive content and benefits. Thank you for tuning in.


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