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# Getting Myself Together: A Day of Self-Care and Shopping

## Getting Ready for a Facial

Close your eyes to get my beautiful girl, stainless you’ll be fine I’ll be painless hold I’m drinking.

I am just picking up Chelsea actually let me just text her that I’m outside we’re going to get facials she actually booked this for my birthday but we haven’t had the chance to go so it is now April I figured I would just add this into the Vlog like I don’t know if I can get my nails done just yet I think I still have to wait because I ended up breaking my nail from moving my couch I tried to lift it and I broke two of my nails thankfully only one of them actually broke my real nail underneath which is this one here I actually should have put a Band-Aid on it cuz it just looks gross to me so yeah that’s what we’re doing today we’re just going to go get some facials and I got two new zits like right here that I tried to like pop so there’s like some redness there just so she’s on her way we’re going to hold on can come back.

## Starting My Maintenance Vlog

Finally starting my maintenance Vlog I know you guys probably already saw when I went to go get a facial with Chelsea she actually took me for my birthday when I got back from Toronto so we went like a couple weeks ago honestly I finally did a deep clean in my place so I actually just uploaded a video if you guys want to check it out I finally deep cleaned my place got it in order so I’m feeling good I have not got myself together my nails are completely well most of them are off I have some acrylic left on my thumb literally my nails are so bad like I do not want anyone to see them I filmed the deep clean literally 2 weeks ago then I got sick like right after and I couldn’t even edit the video for another week and a half I was sick all last week it’s already halfway through the week and finally I’m getting this video done so I took a long time to get myself to recover I always get in my head about it cuz this wasn’t planned but I didn’t have to post this video at a certain time it’s just the fact that I want to create a schedule for myself and get these videos out for you guys I felt so guilty last week especially when I was sick and I couldn’t even get my mind right I had the worst headache I never get headaches and it was a nasal or a congestion headache or what do you call them I looked it up but anyways my nose was like stuffed and I had a huge headache so yeah now I edited my videos just uploaded it and we’re off to finally get ourselves together because now that my place is in order I’m getting myself in order and I’m kind of feeling like doing Red Nails I hope the red color that they have I hope they have some good red colors cuz it’s a specific red that I want I’m going to hope that they have it I am going to a new salon if you guys watch my last maintenance Vlog I got my nails down for my birthday I ended up going to someone new because the girl that I would always go see no longer worked there so then I was like oh I don’t want to go to anyone else but I remembered I wanted to try this other nail salon so I ended up going there I was dming her and she told me she works there so I was like wait that’s actually perfect so I’m going to go there right now and go see her so I’m back to like the same Nail Tech to get my nails done so hopefully they have a good color of red if not I’m going to probably do like a French tip or something because I can’t be bothered to do a different red like I really want to do a specific red it’s kind of like like a little orange it’s like bright it’s like very bright red orange in there yeah that’s what we about to do and I’ll see you guys once I’m done getting my nails done.

## A Day of Shopping and Self-Care

I was kind of debating whether I should do red or not but it’s like a ready orange but it’s so beautiful it literally stands out like I’m absolutely obsessed it looks really orange on here but it’s more like a red the other slime was like more money and I just got my toes done and my hands done like a full set and oh no it was 15% off today there was like a deal so they had 15% off but they’re so beautiful you guys but I don’t know about the color on my toes this type of color on my toes I did it and I kind of like it but I feel like I’m going to get over it so quickly quickly stop to grab a smoothie do a little taste test I mean I’ve had this one before it’s bananas away and then I like to add strawberries to it I have not had this in a minute it’s so good the bananas away with strawberry added to it tastes so good I also just went to pick up some pre-workout cuz Popeyes was nearby at the supplement store and you get like pre-workouts protein stuff like that and I was like you know what let me just stop with the energy drinks cuz I keep getting them and I’m going just get the Pre-Workout um cuz I really wanted to try the elani one this is rainbow candy so it’s a new flavor but I’ve tried Breeze Berry energy drink from Milani and I like it so they had a pre-workout actually they had a sale so I ended up getting two different ones these were the only flavors they had though I wish they had other ones um but anyways I got Breeze Berry and rainbow candy anyways I’m just getting ready to drive to Walmart now we’ll grab some products that I need to like stock up on I always use different products in my videos I try to like try things out and stuff I mean I do get attached to certain products and then I’ll try to use like most of it but I do like to change it up when I do videos and stuff so I end up not being able to finish the bottle of shampoo I never wasted I always end up keeping it and then I’ll just like use it when I run out of the other one or like you know like when I need it so I just started using the the ones that I’ve had and I’ve used them all up so now I need to restock on a bunch of new shampoo and body wash stuff like that so we’re going to go look for all that stuff at Walmart because I feel like Walmart’s the most uh convenient with pricing or like what is it not convenient affordable with pricing um so yeah we’re…


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