Exclusive interview for Turkish TV ahead of Istanbul concert #dimash April 30 2024


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Exclusive interview for Turkish TV ahead of Istanbul concert #dimash April 30 2024

Dimash’s Gratitude Towards His Fans

Dimash recently answered questions from NTV and expressed his gratitude towards his fans worldwide. He thanked all his supporters who have been by his side for years, making every concert a special experience.

Excitement for Istanbul Concert

As Dimash prepares to perform at the Beşiktaş Tüpraş Stadium on his birthday, he shared his excitement for the upcoming concert in Istanbul. He mentioned that he has a special connection with the city and is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with the Turkish audience.

Surprises for the Audience

Dimash hinted at surprises for the audience during the concert, including a special performance by a renowned Turkish artist. He emphasized the hospitality and friendship of the Turkish people and expressed his respect for the concert’s guests.

Artistic Journey of Dimash

Dimash’s artistic journey began at a young age on the theater stage. He reminisced about winning a singing competition in China and his dream of becoming an international artist. His success in Kazakhstan at the age of 17 led to international recognition and invitations for various projects abroad.

Family and Teacher Appreciation

Dimash expressed his gratitude towards his family for supporting his passion for music and sending him to music school. He also mentioned local and foreign vocal teachers who have inspired and guided him in his musical career. Dimash teased a surprise for his mother during a Soprano concert as a token of appreciation.

Upcoming Concert in Istanbul

Dimash revealed that he will perform a Turkish song during his solo concert in Istanbul on May 24th. He sent greetings to all his friends worldwide and invited them to join him for a memorable musical experience in May.


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