YOUNG CORPSE HUSBAND – CRY Extended Feat Ashnikko and Grimes [Official Original audio


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YOUNG CORPSE HUSBAND – CRY Extended Feat Ashnikko and Grimes

Verse 1

[Me] Uhh, CORPSE, you fuckin’— I come on the playlist, and I bet you do not skip me,
uh Pull up any city, prolly bitches fucking with me, uh Find that little bitty, she off what I call a Whitney, uh Roll up sticky-icky, now the whip look like a chimney, uh Now, I’m fucking up my kidney, uh Diamond nitty-gritty, got her blowin’ like it’s windy, uh Draped all in Givenchy, my aroma got her grinning, uh Blowin’ out her back, she throw it back like she is pissy


[Ashnikko] Bitch, are you tryna make me cry? Are you tryna make me lose it? You win some and lose some This could get gruesome [Me] Break a mirror, yeah, fuckin’ break a mirror Glass shatter, gums bleed, off the fuckin’ Everclear Eyes red, mind race, fuckin’ wish that you were here I was really fuckin’ hopin’ it’d be different this year, uh

Verse 2

[Me] She optimistic, not me (Don’t come back) No quiero estar aquí Woe is me, l’appel du vide She still want me, c’est la vie I can’t even leave my place without hidin’ my face Just a glamorized desk job rottin’ away I ain’t even got friends, feel like everyone’s fake Really prayin’ for the day the reaper take me away


[Ashnikko] I’m a tough bitch, but I’m sensitive Could a, could a, could a quick fuck be a sedative? It’s relative ’cause you were pushing me out to the fucking edge I’m about to rip all of my hair out ‘Cause I’m madder than I’ve ever been I just wanna call you, but I know I can’t Fuck a fuckin’ fuck boy fuckin’ up my plans Lay another finger on me, you could lose a hand


[Me] She obsessed with all the numbers and she posing on the Instagram And she independent, making racks all off the OnlyFans Neck got on a pentagram, I know I’m not your only man Just try to make me happy for a moment like citalopram, fuck [Ashnikko & Grimes] Careful with me, I’m volatile (This could get gruesome) Careful with me, I’m homicidal (This could get, this could get)


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