# The Magical Color Changing Slime Experiment

## Introduction
Hello everyone! Welcome to Sandra Cires Art. Today I brought you a slime video! Many of you have been telling me « Sandra, how is it possible that you being the Slime Queen… » « Slime Queen » I didn’t know that, but it feels great to be the Queen of something. « How is it that you don’t have in your channel the changing color slime? » And I was like « The changing color slime? » Wait! I did my research and here is the magic powder! So today we’ll be doing a slime that changes its color depending on the temperature.

## Materials Needed
Okay, I have here the mixing bowl to do our slime! I have the magic powder, that makes it change its color, and I have the spatula to mix everything up. But, where are the other ingredients? Right, this is a magic spatula. The other really important ingredient is… the liquid detergent. Tide! As you can see this will be a really basic slime. The easiest one on earth. We’ll just need glue and detergent. What will make it really special will be the powder.

## Making the Slime
I hope I remember how to make slime, it’s been so long since last time we did one. It will also be the first time I do it with the magic powder. Let’s put the powder. Wow! Look at this, it’s so pretty. It looks purplish. Should we use it all? Let’s throw it in. It’s a really thin powder, it looks like baby powder…with color. Let’s mix it up. Look! It’s turning grey! It looks like stracciatella ice cream. Look! It turned out so pretty. It’s all mixed up. It has like little spots, it’s so pretty, it looks like yogurt. I’ll add a bit more of color, let’s see. I bought this color because it said it was pink, but I see more of a lilac. I got tricked. Well, let’s check it out once we apply hot and cold. Let’s add the detergent so we can get our slime! It’s amazing that as soon as you add the detergent, you get your slime right away.

## Experimenting with Temperature
What’s that? Look! Look! It’s turning grey! Look! Dear friends, we’re about to get our hands dirty. I think this is done. I already cleaned up our area! Now, all I need is a white tray so we can see the change of color. Magic spatula, bring me a white tray! That’s exactly what we were needing. Let’s check it out! We’re ready. Let’s see what happens when we use something cold! Let’s grab some ice cubes and see what happens. Are we ready?! Let’s do it. Look at this! Uh, it’s creepy. This looks like something from Stranger Things. Let’s leave the ice cubes for a little longer to see what happens. Let’s see if it turns a little darker. I think it will be a darker grey, but it won’t be black. I was right! Is a darker grey, but it doesn’t turn black. We made a magic slime! Now we need something that is hot.

## Conclusion
That won’t happen again. Let’s heat up some water in the microwave. We are ready to see how it reacts with hot water. Let’s put the glass on top of it. Oh, look! It’s so fast! Oh, no! It got stuck! It got stuck! This was a bad idea! Look at how cool this is! Look, look! The only bad thing is that it gets stuck. Oh no, look at this! Take off! To be honest, when it looks like this dark grey, it’s so creepy. I’m going to put my hand here now. Oh, it’s sucking my hand! Let me go! It doesn’t want to let me go! That gave me a really bad impression, I felt like I was going to another dimension. It sticks! What a fail! I think I know what it is, it’s too cold, and that’s why it sticks. Look at that! Are we ready to put both hands at the same time? This is super cool. How cute! Let’s see if my breath is hot. Trying to not put my hair on the slime, please! One, two, three! It worked a little! I think it’s more a bad breath LOL. If I were a dragon and I could spit fire, I could turn the slime pink. Look! Look! Look!

Experimenting with the magical color-changing slime was a fun and fascinating experience. The transformation of the slime depending on the temperature was truly mesmerizing. The combination of simple ingredients like glue, detergent, and magic powder resulted in a unique and entertaining slime creation. The experiment with hot and cold temperatures added an extra element of excitement to the process. Overall, the magical color-changing slime experiment was a success and a joy to witness.


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