DIE 88TE DIMENSION | Short Film — [WRS]


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# DIE 88TE DIMENSION | Short Film — [WRS]

## A Wildcat Rebellion Studios Production

### **Introduction**
Wildcat Rebellion Studios, in association with the Twin Cities German Immersion School, presents a W.R.B.K. Film titled « THE 88TH DIMENSION. » The story is set in Cahokia in the year 1400 A.D. and revolves around the rule of a character named Donald J. Trump.

### **The Rise of Donald Trump**
The film opens with Donald Trump commanding the sun to rise, showcasing his power and arrogance. The villagers greet him, unaware of the events that will unfold. Trump boasts about his wealth, while the villagers continue their morning routine.

### **A Tragic Event**
A tragic incident occurs when a boy who baked Trump’s birthday cake is shot and killed by one of the guards. Despite the loss, Trump remains indifferent, citing the harsh winter as a reason for his reduced generosity.

### **The Discovery**
Igor, a loyal servant, presents Trump with an ancient book titled « How to Summon Squids. » Intrigued by the mysterious creatures, Trump decides to summon them, unaware of the consequences.

### **The Squid Invasion**
As Trump attempts to summon the squids, chaos ensues. The squids, led by Papa Squid and Pope Squid, devise a plan to defeat Trump using love and a powerful sword. However, their efforts are disrupted by a comedic turn of events.

### **The Final Showdown**
The climax of the film sees Trump facing off against the squids in a battle for supremacy. As the conflict escalates, unexpected alliances form, leading to a surprising resolution.

### **Conclusion**
In a twist of fate, the squids and Trump find common ground, showcasing the power of understanding and friendship. The film ends on a humorous note, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

### **Credits**
The film was based on an idea by Mitch Gale and directed by William Blackwell Kinney. It was produced by Benjamin Schneider and William Blackwell Kinney, with a screenplay by a talented team. The cast includes Benjamin Schneider as Donald J. Trump, Sabrina Müller as Igor, Jackson Kömpel as Papa Squid, Caelan Oxenham as Hippie Squid, and William Blackwell Kinney as Gay Squid.

### **Disclaimer**
The production assures that no squids were harmed during the making of the film, leaving the audience with a sense of relief and amusement.

Through its quirky storyline and eccentric characters, « THE 88TH DIMENSION » delivers a unique and entertaining viewing experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its audience.


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