Unveiling the ILLEGAL SCAM With Instagram Giveaways


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# Unveiling the Shady Business of Instagram Giveaways

## The Misleading World of Instagram Giveaways
A couple weeks ago, a fan of the channel sent me the G Herbo giveaway post, urging me to delve into the shady business of Instagram giveaways. Aspire Giveaways, the company behind that particular giveaway, is at the forefront of this dubious industry.

## The Deceptive Practices Uncovered
In this Instagram giveaway scheme, influencers promise expensive consumer items to their audience in exchange for likes, tags, and follows. However, the host company, managed by individuals like Skyler Parks, fails to deliver on its promises.

### Problem #1: Failure to Deliver Prizes
Multiple sources have confirmed that Skyler does not actually send the giveaway items to the winners. Instead, he returns the items to the store, leaving participants empty-handed and in violation of the sweepstakes contract.

### Problem #2: Falsifying Follower Counts
Sponsors pay significant sums to gain followers as promised by the giveaway host. To meet these expectations, hosts like Skyler have allegedly resorted to buying followers or engaging in bot-like behavior to inflate numbers.

### Problem #3: Lying About Follower Counts
Skyler has been accused of misleading sponsors about follower counts, breaching his fiduciary duty to provide the promised services. This deceptive practice not only harms sponsors but also undermines the integrity of the entire giveaway system.

### Problem #4: Lack of Transparency in Terms of Service
Aspire Giveaways lacks adequate terms of service on its website, failing to provide clear guidelines for participants and sponsors. This oversight raises questions about the legitimacy and fairness of the giveaways organized by the company.

## Upholding Ethics and Accountability
In the realm of Instagram giveaways, transparency, honesty, and integrity are essential to maintaining trust and credibility. Hosts like Skyler must be held accountable for their actions and ensure that participants and sponsors are treated fairly and ethically.

As the veil is lifted on the shady business practices of Instagram giveaways, it is imperative for regulators, influencers, and participants to demand greater accountability and transparency in this evolving industry. Only through ethical conduct and adherence to the rules can the true value of giveaways be realized for all involved parties.


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