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# Article: A Thanksgiving Edition of the 85 South Show

## Introduction
The latest episode of the 85 South Show brought a special Thanksgiving edition, bringing laughter and entertainment to viewers. The hosts engage in various discussions and share their thoughts on gaming experiences.

## Thanksgiving Edition Special
The hosts discuss the unique circumstances of this year’s Thanksgiving, where safety precautions and restrictions are in place due to the ongoing pandemic. They joke about receiving alerts on their phones and the unconventional ways of celebrating the holiday.

## Gaming Conversations
The conversation shifts towards gaming experiences, with the hosts reminiscing about classic games and the challenges they faced. They share memories of playing games like Resident Evil and Super Nintendo classics like Contra and Double Dragon.

## Nostalgic Gaming Moments
The hosts delve into nostalgic moments from their gaming past, recalling the frustration of games like Mike Tyson Punch Out and the joy of completing challenging levels. They share stories of playing games with family members and the excitement of conquering difficult missions.

## Conclusion
As the episode wraps up, the hosts reflect on the joy that gaming brings and the memories created through shared experiences. The Thanksgiving edition of the 85 South Show offers a blend of humor, nostalgia, and camaraderie, making it a memorable episode for fans.


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