How to Create Your Own AI Influencer | Step-by-Step Tutorial


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How to Create Your Own AI Influencer | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Naming Your AI Influencer

Start by giving your AI influencer a name and an Instagram bio. Let’s name our influencer Sophia and create a catchy bio that represents her personality.

Step 2: Choosing a Reference Model for Sophia

Select one of the top 10 Instagram Fitness influencers as a reference model for Sophia. Gather reference images from their Instagram account to use for generating consistent images of Sophia.

Step 3: Collecting Target Images

Collect target images to upload to an AI image generator like Use a reference image of Sophia to find a similar one and create unlimited images based on that model.

Step 4: Creating Sophia’s Instagram Account

With Sophia’s images ready, create an Instagram account using the name and bio suggested by the GPT chat. Upload the images with descriptions and tags to make her account more appealing.

Step 5: Bonus Step – Creating an AI Video Ad

Generate a video ad for Sophia using Pica and Jenny Labs. Add a unique voiceover generated by Jenny to the video ad for a personalized touch. Edit the video and upload it to Sophia’s Instagram account to showcase your AI influencer creation.

You have successfully created your own AI influencer, Sophia, with consistency and dedication. I hope you found this tutorial inspiring and look forward to seeing your own AI influencer creations in the future.


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