The Top Dan Memes of 2022


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# Year in Review: Dan Howell’s Top Memes of 2022

## The Return of Dan Howell
After a year of absence from YouTube, Dan Howell made a dramatic return with a video titled « Why I Quit YouTube. » This 85-minute-long video sparked a mix of interest and confusion among fans, with some finding it intriguing and others questioning the audacity of such a lengthy upload.

## Memes Galore
As fans reacted to Dan’s comeback, memes began to circulate online, poking fun at everything from the length of the video to Dan’s dramatic return to the platform. From jokes about his traumatized eyeballs to comparisons to the « this is fine » meme dog, the internet had a field day with Dan’s return.

## The Danhub Tee
One of the standout moments of Dan’s year was the creation of the « Danhub » tee, inspired by a fan’s comparison of Dan’s tour logo to the Pornhub logo. Embracing the joke, Dan decided to sell the tee at his shows, leading to hilarious moments like unwrapping one in front of his boyfriend’s family.

## The World Tour
Despite the ups and downs of his return to YouTube, Dan also embarked on a world tour, showcasing a new live show and merch designed around a black and orange aesthetic. Fans fully embraced the theme, turning up to shows in black and orange attire and even dyeing their hair to match.

## Memes and Controversy
Throughout the year, Dan found himself at the center of memes and controversy, from releasing marketing content inspired by conspiracy theorists to facing backlash for images with blank picket signs. Despite the ups and downs, Dan’s year was filled with memorable moments that will live on in internet history.

As the year comes to a close, Dan Howell’s journey in 2022 serves as a reminder of the power of memes and the unpredictability of online fame. From his dramatic return to YouTube to the creation of the infamous Danhub tee, Dan’s year was one filled with laughter, controversy, and unforgettable moments. Cheers to another year of internet shenanigans with Dan Howell!


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