She Plays Game for 1 Hour, Doesn’t Realise That 20 Years Have Past In Real World


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# Unleashing the Power of Impulse 9: A Gaming Revolution

## The Beginning of the Tournament

At the start of the movie, a bunch of teens have gathered up to participate in a gaming tournament, where the winner takes 10 Grand. The only objective of the game is to kill the other players and get as many points as you can. After the game begins, two players start slaughtering all the other players one by one, hence racking up a lot of points. One of them is an aspiring newbie girl while the other one is a pro, who has won several accolades in the world of gaming. As the crowd cheers on, the veteran uses his experience and takes the lead, but the newbie girl still has an ace up her sleeve.

## The Power of Impulse 9 Unleashed

She whips out a bottle of energy drink called the ‘Impulse 9’ and drinks it in one go, which not only gives her energy but also slows down the time by 100 times. With this power, she kills all the players on sight, including the veteran guy. The girl eventually wins the tournament, and begins celebrating with her boyfriend. But little did she know that her excitement is about to be cut off in the most brutal way possible. The energy drink’s bottle falls to the ground and shatters, causing the girl to snap back to reality. And when she does, she finds herself as an adult with three children. To make matters worse, she is living in a dilapidated house with no electricity and modern equipment. Outside, the world has turned into a barren wasteland, and even the oxygen has become poisonous to breathe.

## Val Hernandez’s Journey to Victory

Following this, we rewind to a few days before the tournament took place with the introduction of the girl; Val Hernandez. She is a brash up-and-coming FPS gamer whose only dream in life is to go professional and make a living out of it. The year is 2017 and Val lives with her divorced father Carlos. One day, he sets up Val for a job interview at a diner, and she reluctantly leaves the house in formals. Outside, her boyfriend Evan comes to pick her up in his car. After they leave, Val quickly changes her dress in the back. It turns out that she is ditching her interview and going to a tournament of a game called Field of Fire.

## The Secret to Winning

Just like most of the FPS battle royale games out there, Field of Fire is a multiplayer game, where the main objective is to be the last person standing. Val figures that if she wins first place, she could make a ton of money and build herself a gaming computer. However, Evan pops her bubble by revealing that a seasoned professional gamer named Roy is going to make a surprise appearance in the tournament. Soon, the two arrive at the arena for the competition and see Roy taking pictures with his fans. Before the first match commences, Evan reminds his girlfriend that she should not get carried away and just focus on qualifying for the finals. However, Val has her sights set on beating the arrogant Roy.

## The Power of Impulse 9 Revealed

After a while, all the players get seated on their computers and the game starts. Val takes an early lead but Roy catches up to her without breaking a sweat. He even interacts with the crowd in the middle of the game, such is his confidence. Taking advantage of this, Val racks some points, and is on the verge of winning but instead of finishing the game, she decides to go for a glory kill. The plan quickly backfires, and Roy eliminates her in the blink of an eye. Despite this, Val qualifies for the finals happening the next day.

## Val’s Decision to Embrace Impulse 9

As the couple leaves the arena, Roy comes out and mocks Val before proceeding to take selfies with his fans. And while Evan is away to get his car, a man named Kojima comes up to Val and reveals that he knows the secret to winning. Val is perplexed by the strange comment, but before she can say anything, Kojima hands her his business card and leaves. When Val reaches home, she tries her best to not make any noise but is caught red-handed by her father.

## The Final Showdown

Left with no choice, she tells him the truth about where she was during the day which infuriates Carlos even more. He then orders her to go to the diner the next day and beg for a job interview. However, Val asserts that the tournament final also takes place the next day, which is more important for her future. Shortly after, fueled with vengeance and the desire to win, she decides to visit the given address. Soon, she reaches ‘The Golden Saucer ‘, which turns out to be a gaming cafe. Inside, a couple of people are playing video games on their computers and consoles. Kojima approaches her and instructs her to sit down and play a game. Val is still confused as to why Kojima had given her the business card but nonetheless she gives the game a shot.

## The Triumph of Val Hernandez

She cranks up the game to the highest difficulty and has trouble completing the level. Seeing this, Kojima hands her an energy drink called Impulse 9. Curious, Val takes a small sip of the drink. And all of a sudden, everything that she perceives starts to move in slow motion. As a result, the game, which was impossible to play a while ago, has now become extremely easy for her. Val eventually decides to buy the bottle of Impulse 9. The next day, at the arena, Val takes out the bottle of Impulse 9 and puts it by her keyboard. Just before the game starts, she takes a small sip of the energy drink. Then, using the ultra slow motion, she dominates the leaderboard for a while. Eventually, she kills Roy’s avatar and wins the whole tournament. The crowd goes wild and everyone cheers for her as well as Evan.

## The Aftermath

As the couple kisses, the energy bottle falls to the ground and shatters, leaving Val to ponder the consequences of her actions. The power of Impulse 9 has propelled her to victory, but at what cost? As Val contemplates her future in the gaming world, she realizes that the true power lies within herself, not in a bottle of energy drink. Will Val be able to navigate the challenges that lie ahead and carve out a path for herself in the competitive gaming scene? Only time will tell.


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