Modlitwa uwielbienia – Sprawiedliwy Boże! Chcę Cię uwielbiać każdym oddechem!


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Modlitwa uwielbienia – Sprawiedliwy Boże! Chcę Cię uwielbiać każdym oddechem!

Modlitwa o miłość i wdzięczność

0:16 | Righteous God!
0:18 | The creator of life which You have given us in Thy goodness!
0:24 | I want to love you with every of my breath!
0:28 | I want to show my appreciation for the wonderful world which you have created for us.

Modlitwa o pokój i miłość

0:35 | For Thy peace which you want to bestow all Thy children.
0:41 | For Thy love on the way of which nothing can stand.
0:48 | For this that when we give up looking at Thy creation with our eyes you let us see the world as You see it.

Modlitwa o pokorę i zaufanie

1:00 | When we resign from our own judgments you fill us with thy mercy.
1:07 | When we resign from our own believes, you fill us with thy cognition.
1:15 | When we give up to have control, You fill us with peace from which we learn that life does not need to be controlled.

Modlitwa o ufność i oddanie

1:26 | That it is not against us.
1:29 | That is a wonderful gift thanks to which we can know Thee like You know us.
1:39 | Blessed Father, fill our hearts with a humble so that we forget for a moment about all our « achievements » and « fails »,

Modlitwa o odwagę i zaufanie

1:52 | and about all what we possess and we have lost,
1:58 | about our fulfilled and not fulfilled dreams
2:02 | and we wholly lay down ourselves in Thy hands.

Modlitwa o dziecięcą prostotę

2:06 | Give us courage so that for a few moments we lay down at Thy feet our life.
2:15 | To become like children in the arms of beloved Father.
2:20 | Who do not need, expect and miss anything.

Modlitwa o wypełnienie Duchem Świętym

2:29 | They simply are.
2:32 | Snuggled in The One who they love.
2:37 | The One who they trust.

Modlitwa o prowadzenie i odwagę

2:41 | The One who they entrust everything.
2:48 | Merciful Father, make us filled with Thy Spirit so that with every breath we call: « Abba Father! ».
3:01 | Lead us there where You want us to be.

Modlitwa o pełne oddanie

3:07 | Fill us with words which have to be said.
3:15 | Fill us with Thee so that there will be only You.
3:23 | Amen.


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