12 days: poor mothers – building a life | Ly Tieu Nu


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# 12 days: poor mothers – building a life | Ly Tieu Nu

## Welcome and Gratitude
Ly Tieu Nu wishes everyone a warm welcome and a good day. She expresses her gratitude to all her supporters who have encouraged and comforted her during tough times. She wishes peace and happiness to all, and expresses her love for her followers.

## Finding Clean Water
In the video, Ly Tieu Nu struggles to find clean water to drink. She expresses her disgust at the foul-smelling water and sets out to find a source of clean water. Eventually, she discovers fresh and easy-to-drink water and ingeniously uses bamboo to transport it back home for consumption.

## Harvesting Bamboo Shoots
Ly Tieu Nu showcases her culinary skills by harvesting sweet bamboo shoots. She explains how the shoots taste better when cooked and prepares them for sale. She highlights the specialty of her hometown, where bamboo shoots are a common delicacy found in palm and coconut trees.

## Selling Bamboo Shoots
With a basket full of bamboo shoots, Ly Tieu Nu heads out to sell her produce. Despite facing challenges and selling only a small amount, she remains optimistic and plans to continue selling the next day. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance and hard work in building a better life.

## Conclusion
As night falls, Ly Tieu Nu reflects on her day’s work and the challenges she has overcome. She acknowledges the struggles of poverty but remains determined to improve her circumstances. With a heart full of hope and resilience, she looks forward to a brighter future for herself and her family.


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