The Fanbase App | Game Changer for Black Content Creators?


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# The Fanbase App | Game Changer for Black Content Creators?

## The Black Creator TikTok Strike

It’s almost been three weeks since the Black creator TikTok strike started, and two weeks since the episode addressing it. Today, we’ll delve into some key learnings from the comment section of that video.

## The Discussion Around a Black Platform

One of the most talked-about topics in the comment section was the possibility of black people creating their own platform or app to empower black creators. The Fanbase app, created by Isaac Hayes the 3rd in 2019, was highlighted as a potential solution. The app offers a space for creators to share their content and get compensated for it, with a subscription model and no ads.

## Monetization and Equal Opportunities

Fanbase boasts a 50/50 revenue share, offering an equal playing field for all creators regardless of race. It aims to provide an opportunity for creators to monetize their content from the get-go. However, questions remain about how the app will address issues of appropriation versus appreciation.

## The Importance of Giving Credit

The conversation also touched on the importance of giving credit where it’s due, especially in the context of dance trends being co-opted without proper attribution. The need for platforms to enforce crediting creators and ensuring fair compensation for their work was emphasized.

## Impact on Artists like Megan Thee Stallion

Concerns were raised about how the TikTok strike could affect artists like Megan Thee Stallion, whose songs are often used for viral dances. While the strike may have limited the spread of her music on TikTok, it also brought attention to her work and potentially boosted her visibility in other platforms.

## Empowering Black Entrepreneurs

Isaac Hayes the 3rd’s journey in creating Fanbase serves as an inspiration for black entrepreneurs in the tech industry. By raising over 3.5 million dollars in micro-donations, he exemplifies the power of community support in building and funding innovative solutions.

In conclusion, the Fanbase app presents a promising opportunity for black content creators to thrive in a fair and supportive environment. As the conversation around ownership, credit, and monetization continues, platforms like Fanbase offer a glimpse into a more equitable future for digital creators.


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