The 700 Club – January 18, 2019


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# Report: Over 245 Million Christians Worldwide Highly Persecuted for Their Faith

## Religious Freedom Under Threat
The Trump administration has made religious freedom a priority, recently fighting for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey. However, a new report reveals that more needs to be done to protect Christians around the world.

## Spread of Radical Islam
The spread of radical Islam has increased the danger for Christians globally. Many Christians are being killed because of their faith, leaving families torn apart. Even in countries like Iraq, where Father Daniel preaches to nearly 200 families, intense persecution by groups like Al Qaeda forces many to flee.

## Worst Persecutors of Christians
Each year, the watchdog group Open Doors USA releases a list of countries with the worst persecution of Christians. North Korea tops the list, followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Pakistan. The research shows that over 245 million Christians live in areas of extreme or high persecution.

## Increasing Violence in China
Violence against Christians has dramatically increased in China, moving the country up the list of oppressors. Despite talks between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, North Korea remains the number one persecutor for the 18th year in a row.

## Call for Action
Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed the White House’s commitment to protecting and promoting religious freedom. The administration continues to be a champion for people of faith, but the fight against persecution is far from over.

In conclusion, the report sheds light on the harsh reality faced by millions of Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith. It calls for continued efforts to defend religious freedom and support those who are oppressed for their beliefs.


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