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## What Does It Mean to Go Private on Instagram?

When you come across an Instagram account, you can typically view all their posts and pictures. However, private accounts restrict access to their content, allowing only approved followers to see their posts. This means that in order to view their content, share their posts, or watch their Instastory, you must follow them and be approved by the account owner.

## Should You Consider Going Private to Grow Your Account?

While some accounts go private simply for privacy reasons, others, including large accounts with millions of followers, also choose to make their content exclusive to approved followers. The idea behind this strategy is that by making your account private, you create a sense of exclusivity that entices users to follow you in order to access your content.

However, for smaller or business accounts looking to grow their following, going private may not be the best approach. Typically, users decide to follow an account after engaging with their content through posts, captions, Instastories, and highlights. By keeping your account public, you allow users to discover and engage with your content, leading to more loyal followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

## Conclusion

In conclusion, while going private on Instagram may work for some accounts, particularly those with a large following or a specific niche, it may not be the most effective strategy for smaller or business accounts looking to grow their audience. By keeping your account public and focusing on creating engaging content, you can attract and retain followers who are genuinely interested in your brand or personality. Remember, building a loyal following takes time and effort, so stay consistent and authentic in your content to attract the right audience.


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