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# Analysis of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 4 Episode 1

## Introduction
How about bronys and pegasisters, once again we continue with our beloved analysis of the episodes brought in this fourth chapter of Make Your Mark, this time continuing with the first episode of what could be considered the second season, titled Superremodelacion.

## Curiosities and References
The episode brings in curiosities, winks, easter eggs, secrets, and references to other content, such as series, movies, comics, and of course, the G4. Not without giving a warning of Spoiles for the first episode of Make Your Mark chapter 4, as well as all the other episodes of this season.

## Remodeling the Canterlogic Factory
The Mane Five visit the abandoned Canterlogic factory, highlighting how it has been abandoned for practically a year. They decide to remodel the place to give it a new use. The episode missed an opportunity to explore the implications of the factory closing, such as unemployment.

## Characters’ Reactions
Several characters show interesting reactions in the episode. Hitch’s fear spreads to Sparky, but Sparky calms down once he breaks free. Zipp suggests turning the factory into a skating rink, which parallels a previous episode. Sprout’s presence doesn’t scare Sparky, indicating he doesn’t take him seriously.

## Unity Crystals and Elements
Opaline reveals that the unity crystals are conduits to a pris-beam, similar to the elements of harmony. The crystals react to acts of unity and harmony, just like the original elements. The crystals’ effects at the Brighthouse lighthouse resemble the mane six’s rainbow ray. Opaline mentions that only an alicorn can drain the power of the crystals, tying back to G4’s lore.

## Impractical Planning
Sunny and Izzy discuss what to do with the Canterlogic factory, but their approach seems impractical. Ideally, the whole town should be involved to generate a more organized plan.

In conclusion, the first episode of Make Your Mark Chapter 4 sets the stage for new adventures and reveals intriguing connections to G4 lore. Fans of the series will appreciate the attention to detail and references in this episode.


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