Browser Stuck at ‘Checking Your Browser Before Accessing’ Message [SOLVED]


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Browser Stuck at ‘Checking Your Browser Before Accessing’ Message [SOLVED]

Understanding the Issue

It is pretty evident from the error message itself that the website you are experiencing trouble with has Cloudflare protection enabled. Cloudflare protection is used to secure the website from hackers and mitigate Distributed Denial-Of-Service attacks.

Methods to Fix the Issue

Method 1: Scan Your PC

First, scan your PC with your antivirus software. Maybe your computer is indeed infected. Use AdwCleaner to ensure that your browser has not been hijacked.

Method 2: Check Date and Time Zone

If the Date and Time Zone of your computer is not correct, you will face a plethora of applications and the service will stop working. Make sure to check the Date and Time Zone of your computer and set it to automatic to fix the error.

Method 3: Disable Add-ons or Extensions

If you have tons of add-ons or extensions, they can interrupt security services. Disable them and see if it fixes the issue. For Chrome, launch it and click on the 3 dots. Select Extensions and click on Manage Extensions. Disable the toggles next to the extensions.

Method 4: VPN or Virtual Private Network

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to connect your computer to different locations in the world, securely. If you don’t use a VPN, pick one from the list of best free VPNs for Windows. If you are using VPN, disable it and see if that solves the issue.

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