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# Dreadshore Update Overview (New Trap, Weapon, & more) | Meet Your Maker

## Introduction
Meet Your Maker has released its first major content update, Dreadshore, offering new toys for both raiders and builders. In this article, we will cover the key features and changes introduced in this update.

## How to Get the Content
Players can claim the Dreadshore Arsenal Pack in their respective platform’s store from June 27th to July 10th to receive all the gameplay content from Dreadshore for free. After July 10th, players who haven’t claimed the content will have to earn it through gameplay or purchase it. Additionally, Meet Your Maker is running a sale on Steam, Xbox, & Playstation, along with a free trial from June 27th to July 3rd for Steam & Playstation.

## New Custodian Suit: Nautilus
The Nautilus suit is a defensive suit specializing in defensive weaponry. It comes with biolinks that can be swapped with other suits at tier 4. The suit’s biolinks enhance defensive weapons effects, extend the perfect block window, and decrease the recharge/cooldown of defensive weapons. Custodians also get a new weapon, the Demolition Cannon, a powerful grenade launcher that can destroy traps and guards.

## New Builder Traps
Builders receive new traps to torment raiders, including the Sentry Beam, a powerful laser that targets raiders. The Sentry Beam has mods like Overamplify, Pinball, and Target Lock to enhance its capabilities. Builders also get a new ranged guard called the Ravager, which covers more area and is effective for creating chokepoints.

## Deco Pack and Cosmetics
A new Deco Pack is available for builders to decorate their outposts. Players can also purchase a cosmetic pack from their platform store, which includes a skin for the new weapon and custodian, along with a deco pack.

## Gameplay Updates
The update includes significant changes to gameplay, balancing, and progression. Outposts can now be activated even after reaching level 10, with guaranteed loot from raiding bases. Other updates include the ability to carry 2 phoenix pods, improved co-op ranking and XP systems, and fixes for disconnect issues.

## Conclusion
The Dreadshore update brings exciting new content for both raiders and builders in Meet Your Maker. With new suits, weapons, traps, and gameplay improvements, players have plenty to explore and enjoy in this latest update. Stay tuned for more in-depth content breakdowns in future videos from Meet Your Maker.


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