Eddy le Quartier – Le Rock 2 (épisode 2) – Madonna


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Eddy le Quartier – Le Rock 2 (épisode 2) – Madonna

Setting up the Stage

What? Yeah, I’m proud, yeah. I know my job, that’s all. When I have to set up a stage, I’ve got a vision. Eh, I won’t use 8-mm sections for Beyonce. I’m not… I’m not a trainee you know…

Pressure and Safety Concerns

And you’ve got him pressuring you all the time. The dude you saw there… this kind of mini-boss. He’s cute him but what am I supposed to do? I put up half of the crossties? Eh then we tidy everything up in 2 hours? Did you see what happened for Madonna? In Marseille? The dudes didn’t put lateral support, it collapsed! They wanted to do fast, sure it was quick. It fell flat on their faces in 50 seconds. What? Dunno if it’s cos’ of the budgets. That’s especially cos’ of the new standards… Cos’ of Europe they changed protocol. But – safety, there’s no one left! The guys all stayed in Brussels! You know what, they get on our tits with Europe!

Madonna Concert Experience

For example, you see, I’m not supposed to smoke here.. Look, you see this one? You see how many fucks I give? You know last year, we set up Madonna. Sure, that’s great stuff, but you hear nothing. No, no sound! You can’t hear anything at Madonna concerts! Even the guys say it at the mixing board: « We raise the faders but nothing happens ». Come on, cos’ she’s badly surrounded. She gets on stage with DJs – what do you want me to say…? She doesn’t want to play alongside musicians… well, she does whatever she wants… Come on Madonna, it’s over. I’d say, don’t go see her. Well, if you can eh, cos’ maybe you’ve got friends, I dunno how you run your life!


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