The Third Act | Drama Short Film Iranian (2023) | MYM


# The Third Act | Drama Short Film Iranian (2023) | MYM

## A Frustrating Day

In this drama short film, we see a man coming home late and apologizing to his partner for worrying them. He explains that the Senior manager of the factory had started a fight in the office, despite his attempts to resolve company issues peacefully.

## Borrowed Shirt and Feminine Perfumes

The man recounts how he had to borrow a shirt from a friend, Kamyar, after the fight at the office. He also mentions Kamyar’s preference for feminine perfumes, which he finds amusing. Despite getting caught up in a conversation with Kamyar, he assures his partner that the situation was out of his control.

## Reassuring Reunion

Upon seeing his partner’s face, the man feels a sense of calm and apologizes for being late. He expresses his relief at being home and asks not to ruin the moment.

## Unexpected Visitors

Later in the film, we learn that Shahnaz and Kamyar had visited the protagonist’s home earlier. They had to leave due to other commitments, but the lingering scent of Kamyar’s perfume and his forgotten watch serve as a reminder of their visit.

## Gas Leak Inspection

The film also touches on a gas leak inspection in the building, adding to the protagonist’s already stressful day. Despite the challenges he faced, he reassures his partner that everything is under control and promises to be back soon.

As the story unfolds, we witness the protagonist navigating through a series of unexpected events, highlighting the complexities of everyday life and relationships.


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