Best accounts, tools and apps to growth hack on Onlyfans | Ep. 3


comment créer un compte onlyfans

# Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Onlyfans Account

## Introduction
Traffic. Now you see my Youtube thumbnails. I made that. For your menu you’ll need that, maybe if you’re making your banners you’ll need Canva. Bad Bees. Hey everybody welcome to the Bad Bees free course for Onlyfans. It’s the most comprehensive course on the internet right now and it’s for those who are getting started or who are started and you’re not really making the money you thought you were going to be making.

## Episode 3: Accounts for Onlyfans
Accounts for Onlyfans. So I’m going to talk about the Onlyfans account structure you need in place. It’s really good to get this organized beforehand, especially for things like Reddit. When you first make an Onlyfans what I talked about in episode 1 is very important. When you make your Onlyfans account, who do you sign up with? That’s going to be very important.

## Setting Up Your Account
Firstly, you make your gmail, right, brand new fresh gmail clean. On your new sim card please. It’s just cleaner to have a new sim card. From your Onlyfans you can make an Onlyfans free account. You’re not going to be getting 5% referrals from that so don’t get happy. Let’s do content first.

## Creating Content
Okay for your content. I don’t want to go through the equipment too much, your phone will do. The thing about content is they want to see is amateur content, okay, your Iphone will do. You need apps like Open Camera and Lightroom to make good content, edit a bit don’t over edit it. Another great tool that you can use is Handbrake, a video compressor and converter.

## Graphics and Promotion
Canva is for making graphics. Inshot video editor is for apple. Metahashtags for your Instagram hashtags. Imgur and Gfycat accounts for Reddit. Hootsuite and LaterForReddit for scheduling. Promotion is key, focus on social media, dating sites, and other promotional strategies to drive traffic to your page.

## Conclusion
Setting up your Onlyfans account requires careful planning and organization. By following the tips and tools mentioned in this guide, you can optimize your account structure, create engaging content, and effectively promote your page to attract more subscribers and increase your revenue. Stay tuned for more episodes in the Bad Bees free course for Onlyfans.


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