Van Life Winter Camping in Snow Storm – Blizzard in the North – Extreme Weather & Pan Pizza #vanlife


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Van Life Winter Camping in Snow Storm – Blizzard in the North – Extreme Weather & Pan Pizza #vanlife

Camping in Extreme Winter Conditions

Early in the morning, the weather forecast predicts strong winds of up to 60 mph in the area. The snowstorm is intense, making it difficult to even leave the van. The roads are completely covered in snow, and visibility is low. This is one of the most challenging winter camping experiences.

Preparing to Brave the Elements

As the storm continues to rage outside, the decision is made to try and dig the van out of the snow to make a run to a nearby store. With the help of winter tires, the van is able to navigate the icy roads, albeit with some difficulty. The goal is to reach a safe location before the weather worsens.

Staying Safe During the Blizzard

After fueling up at a gas station amidst the storm, the roads are deemed too dangerous to continue traveling. The decision is made to stay put and wait out the blizzard. The van is parked in a safe location, and preparations are made to ride out the storm.

Making the Best of the Situation

While waiting for the storm to pass, a warm cup of coffee and breakfast are prepared inside the van. The extreme weather conditions outside are a reminder of the importance of being prepared for unexpected challenges while living the van life. Despite the difficulties, there is a sense of adventure and resilience in facing the elements.


As the blizzard gradually subsides, the van dweller reflects on the experience and expresses gratitude for the support of viewers and Patreons. The journey through the snowstorm has been a test of endurance and resourcefulness, highlighting the realities of winter camping in harsh conditions.


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