Squeeze Psoas Major Muscle to Flatten Stomach and Shape Lower Body in 14 days


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# Squeeze Psoas Major Muscle to Flatten Stomach and Shape Lower Body in 14 days

## Activate Your Brown Fat Cells with « Shuai Shou » Exercise
In this video, Imi shares the « Shuai Shou » exercise, a great method to activate your Brown Fat Cells even more. This exercise twists your body horizontally and stimulates the area around the shoulder blades. It can also stretch and train your inner muscle, called the psoas major muscle. By incorporating this exercise into your routine, you can tone the lower part of your body and reconnect your muscles throughout your body, balancing your energy levels.

## Balancing Autonomic Nervous System Waves
By practicing the « Shuai Shou » exercise, you can balance the waves of the autonomic nerves in your body. This balance allows you to sleep better and accelerates your body’s repair process. Additionally, it helps speed up your metabolism and aids in weight loss. Make « Shuai Shou » a habit for both your beauty and health.

## Practice Correct Form for Maximum Results
To perform the « Shuai Shou » exercise correctly, start by firmly placing your soles on the ground, loosening your knees, and engaging your core and pelvic floor. Swing your arms while keeping your back straight and avoiding leaning backward. This exercise is ideal for relaxing your entire body and stimulating your metabolism to burn fat.

## Bigan Yoga for Body Transformation
Imi also introduces Bigan Yoga, which begins with breathing exercises to improve blood circulation throughout the body. These exercises help tighten the upper body and address muscle laxity common in women over 40 around the hips and shoulder blades. By incorporating rotation movements, you can equalize muscle imbalances and promote overall body toning.

## Embrace Self-Love and Transformation
Imi encourages viewers to love their bodies and embrace the transformative power of exercise. By practicing the « Shuai Shou » exercise and Bigan Yoga regularly, you can experience positive changes in your body, mind, and relationships. Share your experiences and transformation journey to inspire others and contribute to a global community of health and beauty enthusiasts.

## Conclusion
Imi’s holistic approach to fitness and well-being emphasizes self-love, body positivity, and the transformative power of exercise. By incorporating the « Shuai Shou » exercise and Bigan Yoga into your routine, you can flatten your stomach, shape your lower body, and cultivate a stronger, healthier body for a more youthful and vibrant life. Subscribe to Imi’s channel for more beauty and health tips for those over 40 and join the community of empowered individuals on a journey to wellness.


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