The #1 Test To Give A Girl


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The #1 Test To Give A Girl

Setting the Scene

I’m about to tell you the #1 test that you have to give every single girl. In fact, you don’t even have to give it, it’s just going to present itself naturally. When you’re on a first date… and the bill comes… and you’re both sitting there staring at it… I want you to wait just a little longer than you would have to see if she goes and grabs for the bill.

Observing Her Reaction

To see if she will split it or even say to you « hey, why don’t we split it? » This is a sign of a good girl, someone who’s not entitled, someone who’s not a gold digger, someone who is not using you. Now I say that guys, they should be the ones to pay for the first date because it shows that you’re a provider and a protector and it is more attractive.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

But if she doesn’t even attempt to try to split it with you, this is a big red flag. And honestly, I would not go on a date with this girl ever again. So make sure that you do this test when you are on a first date. Even if she fakes it, I don’t care. Ladies, if you’re watching this and I know you are, fake it. At least show that you care.


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