MYM HIM Digital Online Convo- Men On Purpose: Rising To The Occasion


# Men Rising to the Occasion: A Conversation on Personal and Professional Development

## Introduction
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a good Friday afternoon. Welcome to the Make Your Mark hymn and if you are joining us, it is the inaugural Make Your Mark hymn where we have three gentlemen who have given up their afternoon to spend the next hour with us. We have Doctor Rohan Ambrose, the CEO of gas products, Tyrone Wilson, founder and CEO of I Create Limited, and Reese Campbell, director of business operations at Flo Jamaica. So, we welcome you. I’m Jacqueline Cola, your host for the next hour.

## Importance of Make Your Mark Hymn
Why make your mark? We believe that men are important to our society, to our businesses, to our homes, and we want to look at the personal and professional development of our men. This is a conversation just for and with men who are intentional about their lives, who understand business, family, and community.

## Topic of Discussion: Rising to the Occasion
Today’s main topic is on purpose and rising to the occasion. How do Jamaican men rise to the occasion in our society? Are they stepping up to the challenges they face, and if not, what can be done to change the narrative?

## Dr. Rohan Ambrose’s Perspective
Dr. Rohan Ambrose believes that men, in many ways, are rising to the occasion. While there is room for improvement, he acknowledges the positive progress men have made in stepping up in family, business, and the community. He emphasizes the need to shine a light on the positive aspects of men’s contributions.

## Tyrone Wilson’s Insights
Tyrone Wilson addresses the perception of men as « deadbeat dads » and the statistics reflecting men’s lower representation in certain fields. He highlights the historical challenges faced by men in terms of cultural mindset around family roles, stemming from the legacy of slavery. Wilson advocates for changing the narrative through initiatives like the Make Your Mark hymn to have honest conversations about men’s roles in society.

## Conclusion
As the conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that while there are challenges and stereotypes surrounding men in Jamaican society, there is also progress and a willingness to address these issues. By acknowledging men’s efforts and having open discussions, the path towards personal and professional development for men in Jamaica becomes clearer. The Make Your Mark hymn serves as a platform for men to come together, share their experiences, and inspire positive change in their lives and communities.


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