The Foxitis and Foxmania Defense, Because of Course #shorts


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The Foxitis and Foxmania Defense, Because of Course #shorts

Virtual Court Hearing for Alleged US Capitol Rioter

At a virtual court hearing for alleged US Capitol rioter, Anthony Antonio, his lawyer argued that he committed those acts because of Foxitis or Fox mania. Because the guy lost his job and believed everything that he was watching on Fox News, and that’s why he committed the crime of rioting.

No Repercussions for Fox News

In answer to your questions, no Fox News is not going to face any repercussions as a result of this even if these allegations are true. Because remember, people are responsible for their own actions. Love or hate Fox News, they don’t make people do anything.

Future Court Cases

I would love to tell you more about this court hearing but it was interrupted by fellow alleged US Capitol rioter Landon Copeland who heard these words, was incensed and just went on a complete rage, interrupted everything. So in the future, we’re gonna be seeing a lot of these guys in court.


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