Alicorn civilization in make your mark? (MYM theory)


# The Mystery of Alicorns: Unraveling the Secrets of Equestria

## Introduction
There’s been an ongoing mystery in Equestria that has yet to be solved. One that split apart the fandom of g4 and g5, and I think it’s about time that we fixed that problem and finally solved the mystery of Alicorns.

## The Make Your Mark Special
Now there’s a lot to unwrap here with the Make Your Mark special having been released. For one thing, the Crystals are affected by the emotional state of every pony near them, meaning that if a group of ponies decides to fall towards hatred, the Crystals would react by cutting off magic from everypony out there. The more hatred there is, the less magic there is, and the world will start to break apart. But more on that in another video.

## The New Alicorn
Towards the end of the special, another pony knew that the crystals would react that way and she might have a strong connection to them too. But what’s really interesting, well, other than the possibility that there might be a mare out there that knows more about the Crystals. But anyway, this mare is not just a normal mare, no, she is an Alicorn. And she’s not just any old Alicorn with holographic wings or a bad attitude, she’s also the same kind of Alicorn as the Royal Sisters.

## The Theory of Alicorns
This is really good because this means that we need to re-evaluate that old ancient Alicorn theory, and let’s see what’s changed, because there are two different types of Alicorns out there.

## The Alicorn Civilization
Is there a hidden Alicorn civilization buried somewhere in Equestria or outside of Equestria? This Civilization would have been responsible for sending Luna and Celestia to Equestria. But why? Well, who knows, because this theory was debunked faster than Rainbow Dash chugging a bottle of cider. But what if I told you that the theory was right? Well, sorta.

## Speculations and Theories
While an Alicorn civilization couldn’t exist in Equestria, that doesn’t mean that it can’t exist. So first off, again, what is an Alicorn? We’ve been here before. To put it simply, an Alicorn is a pony with wings and a horn. Both of these are brought on by a magical transformation, but how’s it possible for a pony to gain wings and a horn?

## The Separation of the Ponies
What was it that got the ponies to separate into different tribes? And why wasn’t this ever mentioned before? Fair warning, everything after this point is complete and pure speculation, but, it’ll be speculation based in science.

## The Alicorn War
Something caused the Alicorns to all start attacking each other, which led to war. Each Alicorn using all of their powers and abilities to win battle after battle. But the thing about war is, that when it’s over, there are no winners, no, there are only survivors with regrets that they ever had to do something like that. When the war was over, only a few Alicorns remained, so what did they do? They vowed to never use all of their abilities ever again. So they separated into three different tribes, each refusing to use the abilities that the other tribes used. That way, war would never happen again, and that’s when evolution would take place.

## Conclusion
Over time, they’d lose their abilities from having never used them. That would successfully create the three pony tribes: Earth pony, pegasi, and unicorns. And that also puts them all in the right place for when Grogar…


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