Unboxing of the Creality Cr 20 Pro


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Unboxing of the Creality Cr 20 Pro


hey everyone it’s time for another 3d printer review. This is the Creality CR-20 Pro. The Creality factory is not too far from my home and they just sent me over and asked me to build it. One thing to always remember is I’m sponsored by Creality, I never lie of course, but just in case, I’m going to link to some other opinions on this printer in the description box. Let’s unbox it, put it together, and test it out.


As usual, it comes with the toolbox, instructions, and filament. All the essential screws for the 3D printer are already packed in the box. If you don’t have tools at home, all the Allen keys are also in the bag.


Now let’s plug in the right wires, only three cables, so it’s very easy to know where the precision is. X to the X motor and E and X. Then we’re going to auto-level the bed.


Okay, now we see the filament is coming out, so we can start printing what’s on the SD card. The print quality is about what you get out of an upgraded Ender 3. It’s really about what your time is worth and if you are a 3D printer hobbyist who likes to print things or fine-tune their printer, this is a 3D printer for people who just want to print and will pay a bit more to have all those upgrades already done.


Overall, thumbs up for the CR-20 Pro. It’s a printer for people who want to print, not so much for people who want to mod. If that’s you, I’ll link it in the description box. That’s it for today, I’ll see you all next time, and remember, if I can do it, anyone can do it.


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