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# Do This When You Don’t Feel Chemistry But Want to Give It a Chance

## Exploring Chemistry with a Potential Partner

So, what do you do when you’ve met somebody and they’ve got a ton of great qualities, but they just don’t ignite that crazy chemistry in you? Should you walk away or is there another possibility? That’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about today.

### The Two Scenarios of Chemistry

When it comes to chemistry, there are two scenarios that can work for people. The first scenario is the one we all dream of – massive chemistry right from the start. The lightning bolt chemistry that strikes the moment you see the person and feel those butterflies in your stomach. However, there is also another possibility – a friendship that catches fire.

### Building Chemistry Over Time

It’s important to note that the amount of chemistry you allow yourself to feel for a high-quality man who is a good potential partner. Sometimes, it’s easier to feel chemistry for someone who is not a good fit because there’s no threat of them actually getting into a relationship with you. However, when you open your heart to someone with amazing qualities, it can lead to a friendship that catches fire over time.

### A Real-Life Example

Patricia, a client, met a guy named Bill who had all the great qualities she was looking for, except for his weight. As they continued to communicate, Patricia found herself attracted to Bill over time. Their friendship developed into something more, and eventually, they shared a kiss that signified the growing chemistry between them.

### Communicating Your Feelings

If you find yourself in a situation where you like someone but the chemistry is not quite there yet, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly. You can express your feelings to the person and let them know that you’re open to exploring the potential for chemistry to develop over time.

### Conclusion

Allowing chemistry to develop naturally can lead to a strong and lasting connection with a potential partner. By being open to the possibility of a friendship that catches fire, you may find that the chemistry you’re looking for can grow over time. So, take the time to explore and see where the connection leads. Remember, building chemistry is a process that can unfold in unexpected and beautiful ways.


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