Convicted killer Jason Carroll denied bid for early release from prison


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# Convicted killer Jason Carroll denied bid for early release from prison

## The Crime Scene in Bedford

In 1988, Sharon Johnson was lured to a sandpit in Bedford, where Jason Carroll was one of three men accused in a murder for hire plot. Carroll was the only one convicted, and this crime remains one of the most notorious crimes in recent New Hampshire history.

## Carroll’s Sentence and Appeal

Carroll was sentenced to 46 years to life in prison. After 32 years, he is now asking the court, with the help of lawyers from the Innocence Project, for a new trial. The nonprofit organization is working to get Carroll completely exonerated.

## Family’s Opposition and Emotional Testimonies

While witnesses have testified about Carroll being an exemplary inmate who does hospice work and woodworking, Sharon’s family vehemently opposes any sentence reduction. They shared emotional testimonies in court, expressing their grief and loss.

## Court Ruling and Future Parole Eligibility

A ruling from the judge surprised both sides, leading to tears from families on both sides. People are urged to see the other side of the story and understand that Sharon was a good person. Carroll will be eligible for parole in 2029, pending the outcome of his appeal with the Innocence Project.

## Ongoing Efforts for Exoneration

Meanwhile, lawyers with the Innocence Project continue their work to get Carroll completely exonerated for this crime. If successful, it would have significant implications for the state of New Hampshire.

This case serves as a reminder of the complexities and emotional toll of criminal trials, as well as the importance of seeking justice and truth.


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