Ghazal’s suffering to pay for Hossein’s treatment, the aggression of the land ownerandwointhevillage


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# Ghazal’s suffering to pay for Hossein’s treatment, the aggression of the land owner and woes in the village

In this video, Ghazal goes through a series of challenges as she struggles to pay for Hossein’s treatment and faces aggression from a landowner in the village.

## Ghazal’s Determination to Help Hossein

At the beginning of the video, Ghazal is shown taking care of Hossein and trying to raise money for his treatment. She receives messages of support and prayers from viewers, which motivates her to keep going despite the obstacles.

## Aggression from the Landowner

As Ghazal tries to collect grass to sell for money, she encounters a landowner who accuses her of ruining his wheat fields. The confrontation escalates, leaving Ghazal feeling helpless and uncertain about her next steps.

## Challenges in the Village

Throughout the video, Ghazal faces various challenges in the village, from being afraid to work to dealing with unhelpful neighbors. Despite her best efforts, she struggles to find stable work to support herself and Hossein.

## Hope for the Future

Despite the hardships she faces, Ghazal remains hopeful for the future. She is determined to raise money for Hossein’s treatment and make a better life for herself. With the support of viewers and her own perseverance, Ghazal is determined to overcome the challenges in her path.

As the video comes to a close, Ghazal expresses her gratitude to the viewers for their support and prayers. She is hopeful that with their help, she can overcome the obstacles and provide for Hossein’s treatment.

Overall, Ghazal’s story is a testament to the strength and resilience of individuals in the face of adversity. Her determination to overcome challenges and help her loved ones is an inspiration to us all.


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