New WWE Rules! Big E Return Confirmed! UFC Name Gets WWE Tryout! WWE Stars Are Being Fined? WWE News


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# New WWE Rules and Big E Return Confirmed: Wrestling News Update

## SmackDown Superstar Returns After 3 Months, Gets Completely Buried

After months of absence from TV, Buddy Murphy returned to SmackDown only to be completely buried by Seth Rollins. Despite offering his help to Rollins, Murphy was turned down and ultimately tapped out in his match against Cesaro.

## Current Champion Starts Romance Angle, Plans for Them to Become a Double Champion?

Shayna Baszler and Bianca Belair collided on SmackDown, teasing a new romance storyline for Nia Jax involving Reginald. It remains to be seen where this storyline will lead, with potential implications for the Women’s Tag Title match at Fastlane.

## What Are WWE Thinking With Their Booking of Sami Zayn?

Sami Zayn suffered another loss on SmackDown, this time to Angelo Dawkins. Despite his veteran status, Zayn’s booking continues to be underwhelming, raising questions about his future direction in WWE.

## Apollo Crews’ New Character Gets Taken to the Next Level

Apollo Crews showcased his new character on SmackDown, fully embracing his Nigerian heritage and demanding an Intercontinental Title match against Big E. The question now is how far WWE is willing to go with this new version of Crews.

## Big E Return Confirmed After Month-Long Injury

WWE announced that Big E will make his return on the March 12th edition of SmackDown after being sidelined with a Brachial Plexus injury. His return sets the stage for a potential rematch against Apollo Crews.

## WWE Announces Another Shocking Rule for Superstars

WWE has implemented a new rule limiting the signing of wrestlers over the age of 30, especially in NXT. The company is willing to make exceptions for established stars, but this rule signals a shift towards a younger roster.

## UFC Name Gets WWE Tryout and WWE Stars Are Being Fined?

In other news, a UFC name has received a WWE tryout, and there have been reports of WWE superstars being fined for using a common move. The wrestling world continues to be full of surprises and developments.

This week’s events in WWE have set the stage for exciting storylines and developments in the world of professional wrestling. As fans eagerly await the upcoming shows and matches, the future looks bright for the ever-evolving landscape of sports entertainment.


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