Q4 Solve Pressure Problem Physics G11



Q4 Solve Pressure Problem Physics G11


Salaam Alaikum. Let’s dive into an exciting problem that involves the principle of pressure, density, and height.

The Problem

Picture this. We have a mercury barometer and we are using it to measure the height of a building. The pressure at the ground level is 76 centimeters of mercury and the pressure at the top of the building is 74.28cm of mercury. The air density is 1.25 kilograms per cubic meter and the density of mercury is 13,600 kilograms per cubic meter.

Identifying the Building

Our task is to identify which building we are measuring. The options are the Great Pyramid at 146 meters, Cairo Tower at 187 meters, Eiffel Tower at 324 meters, and the iconic tower at 385 meters.


In this problem, it’s shown that the difference in pressure using mercury will be equal to the difference in pressure using the air column. By calculating the density of mercury, gravitational force, and height of the air column (building height), we can determine that the building in question is likely the Cairo Tower at approximately 187 meters.


From the given data and calculations, we can confidently conclude that the building being measured is the Cairo Tower. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video. Goodbye!


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