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# Desus and Mero Face Off in Cosmopolitan’s Expensive Taste Test

## Corn Nuts Showdown

Desus and Mero put their taste buds to the test with a challenge to differentiate between cheap and high-quality snacks. The first item on the menu: Corn Nuts. Desus, the self-proclaimed « registered corn-ologist, » and Mero sampled the two bags of Corn Nuts, trying to determine which one was the more expensive option. After some deliberation and crunching, they made their choice.

Desus and Mero’s banter and competitive spirit added an extra layer of fun to the taste test, making it an entertaining spectacle for viewers.

## Ramen Rivalry

Next up was ramen, a staple for many during their broke college days. Desus and Mero shared their personal stories related to ramen, reminiscing about their past struggles and the significance of this budget-friendly dish in their lives. They compared two different types of ramen, one representing the classic broke version and the other the « fancy » option.

With humor and sharp observations, Desus and Mero tasted the ramen noodles, discussing the mouthfeel, flavor, and overall quality of each. Their final verdict showcased their distinct preferences and comedic flair, making the ramen tasting a highlight of the Expensive Taste Test.

In the end, Desus and Mero’s witty commentary, playful rivalry, and genuine reactions made the Cosmopolitan’s Expensive Taste Test a must-watch segment for fans of the dynamic duo. Their unique blend of street smarts and humor brought a fresh perspective to the world of taste testing, proving that expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to snacks.


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