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# Les meilleurs backdrops pour vos vidéos à petit budget

## Introduction
Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! In case you hear any rain or background noise, it’s because it’s actually raining really bad outside and we have no electricity at the moment. But don’t worry, I’ve got a great video for you today all about affordable backgrounds or backdrops for your videos.

## Affordable Cardboard Backdrops
The first backdrop I want to show you is the cheapest and most affordable option I’ve found. It’s not even a dollar – it was only 84 cents at my local Dollar Tree. They had a variety of designs, and I picked up a pink one. These backdrops are large, measuring 22 by 28 inches, and are perfect for creating a colorful and professional background for your videos.

## Using Fabric for Backdrops
If you prefer fabric backdrops, I recommend checking out your local fabric store. I usually get one yard of fabric, which costs between 8 to 10 dollars with a discount. Fabric backdrops are versatile and can add a more textured look to your videos. I’ve used both colorful fabrics and a simple black one, which gives a sleek and elegant backdrop.

## Conclusion
Whether you prefer cardboard or fabric backdrops, there are affordable options out there that can elevate the look of your videos without breaking the bank. Experiment with different colors and designs to find the perfect backdrop for your content. Happy filming!


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