Delicacy | A Short Film by Jason Mann


# Delicacy | A Short Film by Jason Mann

## The Last Taste of Excitement
In the short film « Delicacy » by Jason Mann, viewers are taken on a journey where the protagonist experiences the last taste of something truly exciting. The scene is set on August 5th, 1991, when the protagonist recalls tasting Bagua made by tribes in the deepest jungles of southern Uganda. The dish is infused with a saffron-like spice and highlights the tenderest cut of African elephant. However, the protagonist admits to having had it far too many times since, longing for that same level of excitement.

## The Unveiling of a Mythical Beast
As the story unfolds, the protagonist is faced with a unique opportunity to encounter a mythical beast – a unicorn. Guided by a mysterious figure, the protagonist, along with a companion named Avery, embarks on a journey to find the elusive creature. The guide reveals that a unicorn can only be lured by a female virgin, adding an element of mystique to the quest.

## The Encounter with the Unicorn
As the protagonists track the unicorn through the forest, tension builds as they come face to face with the majestic creature. However, their encounter takes a dangerous turn when they realize that the unicorn is protecting her young. Despite the guide’s warning to leave, a sense of urgency and curiosity drive the protagonists to confront the unicorn, leading to a dramatic and unexpected climax.

## The Taste of Immortality
In a moment of desperation and recklessness, the protagonists make a fateful decision to engage with the unicorn, resulting in a shocking turn of events. As the story reaches its conclusion, the protagonist offers a glimpse into the tantalizing allure of the unicorn’s horn, believed to contain the essence of immortality through its bone marrow.

« Delicacy » by Jason Mann is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of desire, sacrifice, and the pursuit of the extraordinary. Through its evocative storytelling and captivating imagery, the film challenges viewers to question the boundaries of taste, morality, and the quest for ultimate satisfaction.


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