Sooo we work on a nude beach… (Coral reef expedition, Thailand)


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Sooo we work on a nude beach… (Coral reef expedition, Thailand)

Research on an Unofficial Nude Beach

So I’m gonna tell you something that I never thought I’d have to say. We’re doing a lot of our research off of this beach here, a really beautiful beach which happens to be a nude beach. It’s an unofficial nude beach because nude bathing and sunbathing is not accepted in Thailand, but it happens frequently here.

The Irony of the Situation

The really ironic thing about that is Heather and I have been working here for a while now, and we are not nude. Not only are we not nude, but we’re extremely clothed. Heather’s got her leggings custom made by a friend, along with a long rash guard. I too have a long rash guard and am often wearing black tights. Today, I spared the fashion statement, but I do have my booties on. So we walk around occasionally with our fellow beachgoers who are often naked, while we are very intensely dressed. It’s an extremely stark contrast, slightly awkward, especially when we’re loading all sorts of video cameras onto gear and then bringing that into the ocean and back onto the beach.

People’s Reactions

People don’t seem to care though. They’ve been really cool about it. We haven’t reported them to the authorities, but thought you guys would be tickled by that. You never really know what to expect out here.


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