The Big Harley Davidson USA Comeback of 2023 (Hint Hint – HOG, Sportster, Cruiser, Electric Bikes)


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# Harley Davidson: The Rise and Fall in 2022

## Introduction
What’s up guys! It’s Jason here and welcome to my YouTube channel, Motorcycle Insight! Are you ready for a road trip? Our exciting video today is a discussion about hogs. Before you switch channels, please know that it is not about the hogs found on an old McDonald’s farm that have a long snout or a squiggly tail or even the hogs that go oink oink. The hogs that we will be highlighting are found on interstates, highways, and roadways around the world. If you guessed that our adventure focuses on Hogs that have two wheels, a clutch, gear system, shiny chrome, and allow the rider to straddle 150 horsepower or more and are manufactured by Harley-Davidson USA, then you guessed correctly.

## History of Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson is one of the most interesting and fascinating companies to me because the company faced a huge boom followed by a bust where the brand was no longer relevant to millennials and the Gen Z audience anymore with big expensive old school bikes. Even though the Company has been staging a huge comeback in the past few years, stiff competition has been eating away like the rise of competitors like Ducati and Chinese copycats and new technologies like EV bikes. Today we’ll explore the Rise and Fall of Harley Davidson and what will happen to Harley Davidson USA in 2022.

## Keeping the Motor Running Finances
It is safe to say that Harley Davidson has traditionally been the king of the road amongst motorcycle enthusiasts, leathered and non-leathered bikers, and leaving its competitors eating Harley’s dust. However, like most global companies, the last 2 to 3 years have reflected business navigational road hazards. This challenge has been due to the world’s economic environment, the surging Chinese economy, and the economic strategies that nations have taken to compete financially against the Chinese financial powerhouse. Despite Harley-Davidson’s reputation as the gold standard for motorcycles, they have not been immune from the detours and potholes of the economic road that they travel on.

## Staying Between the Lines
What happened? In order to arrive safely on the commerce roadway, it is important to stay between the income and expenditure lines marked on the business roadway. Harley Davidson is endeavoring to navigate between the lines and not going off the road. Harley Davidson needed to stop the oil leak of losing their place in the market share of motorcycle sales. In order to do this, Harley needed to sell their motorized product and endeavor to get more Harley’s on the road. In 2018, there were a total of 228k bikes sold, in 2019 there were a total of 218k bikes sold and in 2020 sales reflected the selling of 180k bikes.

## Competition for Harley Davidson: Electric Bikes
The Company was facing huge competition from competitors that didn’t even exist in the market before. Competitors that appealed to the younger generations with new and innovative products. Like the revving of the powerful Harley engine turning the heads of others, this prompted leadership within the company to implement a new and engaging marketing strategy. In response to the challenge of an aging customer base and endeavoring to engage younger riders into the world of riding a Harley, the company inaugurated a marketing plan called « More Roads to Harley-Davidson. »

By year’s end of 2022, the goal was to have 4 million riders which reflected the adding of 1 million riders to the already established 3 million. Their dual focus, like their dual exhaust systems, was not only focused on building quality bikes but now building riders as well. As a result of this concerted marketing effort, they were able to net 52,000 new riders to the Hog. In 2018, in the United States, 527,000 riders joined the chopper fleet.


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