MYM Label Solutions Inc


MYM Label Solutions Inc

The Manufacturing Process

From the outside, this non-descript building in South Garland may not look like much. But what’s happening inside is leaving quite an impression in Garland. Label Solutions manufactures labels for food and beverage companies, printing thousands and thousands of product labels. Some of their clients include PetSmart, HEB, Armor All, and Energizer.

Company Background

Chris Merlick is the President of Label Solutions Inc. He started the company in 2007 after working for another label company, realizing that he could do it himself. In 2010, the company moved to Garland, a great industrial city with lots of manufacturing opportunities. Label Solutions has grown significantly, producing premium labels and fulfilling orders of up to 30 million labels at a time.

Community Involvement

Instrumental in Label Solutions’ success has been the Garland Chamber of Commerce. Merlick is a graduate of Leadership Garland 39 and a big supporter of the Chamber and its mission. He values the relationships he has made and appreciates the great community of Garland.

Expansion and Future Plans

Label Solutions is now venturing into a different type of label production, manufacturing Wonder Wafers for a car wash company. These wafers come in 24 different scents and have captured 80% of the car wash market nationwide. The company anticipates using 60 to 75 million labels next year, marking their success and growth in Garland.


Label Solutions Inc. is proud to be in Garland and considers it a great place to do business. The company is making its mark by providing high-quality labels to Garland manufacturers and contributing to the local community. With their dedication to detail and commitment to excellence, Label Solutions continues to thrive in the industrial city of Garland.


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