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# HUSH (2021) Drama Short Film | MYM

## A Mother’s Words

In the short film « HUSH, » the characters are faced with a series of challenges and emotions that test the bonds of family. The story begins with Uche reflecting on her mother’s belief that God created the world with words, pondering what might have been if he had known to save his breath. As the tension escalates between the sisters, Odera and Amaka, over Uche’s silence and strange behavior, the family dynamic is thrown into disarray.

## The Struggle for Understanding

As Uche’s condition worsens, her family grapples with conflicting emotions and beliefs. While some attribute her behavior to attention-seeking or mental illness, others, like their mother, turn to prayer for guidance and deliverance from evil spirits. The family’s cultural and religious differences come to the forefront, as they debate the nature of Uche’s struggles and the role of faith in overcoming them.

## Confronting Inner Demons

Amidst the chaos, Uche’s inner turmoil is revealed as she reflects on her mother’s devout faith and her own longing for love and acceptance. The family dynamics unravel further as past traumas and tensions come to light, leading to a breaking point that challenges their bonds and perceptions of each other.

## A Journey of Self-Discovery

Through moments of vulnerability and confrontation, the characters in « HUSH » grapple with their identities and relationships. Uche’s longing for acceptance and understanding, Amaka’s struggle with her own self-image, and their parents’ efforts to navigate cultural and generational divides all come to a head in a poignant and emotional climax.

## Finding Redemption and Reconciliation

As the family confronts their past and present traumas, they are forced to reckon with their own shortcomings and biases. In a moment of catharsis, they come together to face their demons and seek forgiveness and understanding, paving the way for healing and reconciliation.

In « HUSH, » the power of words, faith, and family are intertwined in a gripping tale of love, loss, and redemption. Through moments of strife and vulnerability, the characters navigate the complexities of their relationships and identities, ultimately finding solace and strength in each other.


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