How To Scrape TikTok Easily (Tutorial)


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How To Scrape TikTok Easily (Tutorial)


Looking for a hassle-free way to scrape TikTok? Let me introduce you to our tool – Social Media Scraping API.

Getting Started

In this video, we’ll show you how to extract TikTok profiles, videos, video descriptions, hashtags, and sounds. We’ll start by going to There you will find Social Media Scraping API under the Scraping API section.

Setting Up

After creating your account, navigate to Social Media, Authentication method, and set your password. Then head to the API playground to send an example request. You can choose between TikTok profile and TikTok post. Let’s choose TikTok profile for this example.

Testing the Request

Send the request and receive the response. You can download the data in JSON format or copy it. Additionally, you can find coding samples in Node.js, PHP, and Python on our GitHub repository.

Testing Locally

To test the Social Media Scraping API locally, you’ll need to enter your credentials in Postman. You can scrape TikTok profiles and posts in real-time or callback-based. To get callback-based data, create a task and receive a task ID as a response.

Getting the Data

Choose to get your data in parsed JSON or raw HTML format. Paste your task ID and click Send to retrieve the raw HTML data. Once processed, you’ll get your parsed JSON data.


And that’s a wrap on TikTok scraping. It’s easy, right? Don’t forget to try our Social Media Scraping API for free. The link is provided below in the video description. Sign up and see if this tool is your jam.


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