Eddy le Quartier – Le Rock 2 (épisode 7) – Tectonique


Eddy le Quartier – Le Rock 2 (épisode 7) – Tectonique

Les dangers de la construction entre deux plaques tectoniques

I’ve got a buddy who’s just had his dump built, he didn’t check anything! Yeah the earthquakes are a problem there! So yeah I bought a house, I am sorry eh… Hey that’s a basic rule, never build a house between two tectonic plates, always in the center…

Les célébrités et leur choix de résidence à San Francisco

Yeah you agree! So now tell me why there are people going to live in San Francisco? Why do the stars have their houses built there? Yeah yeah but they’re showing off, But you’ll see when it crumbles, Hollywood. Eh when Tom Cruise finds himself under the rubble, Eh, the Brad Pitts, they’re doing their hair for now, but you will see…. The Benoit Magimels and all of them… Cos you might have your six pack, they won’t help against the tectonic plates…

Les idées fausses sur le SIDA

Anyway, we’re all gonna die. What, AIDS? Definetely not! Exactly… Eh I’ll tell you what, you’re not gonna get it! Come on, only the addicts can catch it now. All wrong! Not just me, there are studies on it. To get AIDS, there must be friction for 12 minutes. Yeah dude! I’ll tell you what, after 12 minutes I’ve been in and out. Yeah I’ll have lit up my fag for a while by then. At worst, you can make it in half the time, you do it for 6 minutes twice and you don’t piss us off! Well, the guy’s gonna call the police cos he’s been boning for 15 minutes. But come on, condoms are brand new eh. Before them, if we had a problem, we put some Cologne on our dick and that was it, there was no marketing for that!


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